Pause4PittyPawz Welcomes You With Open Paws
Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership. 

Pause4PittyPawz is focused on community outreach, education and socialization of local pit bulls, bully mixes and their owners/caretakers as well as foster parents. Our mission is to end the negative stigma of pit bulls and bully breeds and to be true ambassadors of the bully breed by promoting responsible dog ownership. Exercise, training, respect for others (both human and canine), spay/neutering, proper identification, and education are just some of the key components to being a breed ambassador. There are so many wonderful bullies waiting for their forever homes. Many result of irresponsible or uncontrolled breeding. Pause4PittyPawz ensures to do its best in community outreach. In addition to one of many other platforms we use to help, we also help families raise awareness for those who can’t afford medical needs for their pet. No need to struggle on your own but we will work together with you to ensures a non stressful but relaxing outcome.  Every penny counts when requesting donations. Pets are put down when families can not and SOME will not cover expenses. Thats when we can do our best to HELP!

So join us in this long journey and let's make it an ADVENTURE to never forget. 

Meet The Team


Alan Hamzaoui

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Chief Of Operations & k9 Training


Xochitl Hamzaoui

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Administrative Director & Online Sales/Merchandise


Xoraya Hamzaoui

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Certified Dog Walker & Pet Sitter


Nathan Galadari

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Certified Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Cute Girl

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Brand Ambassador