Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Our Volunteer Coordinator

For any questions regarding our volunteer program, please reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Cam Wing at cwing@eigermarketing.com for additional information.

Volunteer Package

The volunteer package is inclusive of:

  • Two tournament branded golf shirts
  • A choice of a visor or hat
  • Two weekly tickets for family and friends
  • Free breakfast and lunch during volunteer shifts
  • Weekly grounds access with a volunteer badge to the tournament grounds
  • Volunteers will also receive an invitation for two to the Volunteer Appreciation Party following the tournament
  • Appropriate PPE will be supplied in accordance with local and state guidelines


How many walks is too much for a dog?

If they are not used to more than a 10-minute walk or playtime, suddenly expecting more than an hour of activity can set them up for injury and medical problems. If they're over-extended, they may be resistant to exercise or develop mobility issues, anxiety, and exhaustion/lethargy.

How fast does a dog forget?

10 to 20 seconds


How Does A Dogs Short-Term Memory Work? The short-term memory of dogs allows them to remember certain events. These events will be forgotten by your dogs after 10 to 20 seconds.

Does P4PP limit how many dogs a sitter can sit or walk at one time?

P4PP sitters are allowed to walk the dogs from only one household at any one time. Our technology does not allow a walker to schedule more than one walk at the same time.

Do Dogs Forgive?

A Dog does forgive, but he doesn’t hold grudges as it is too complex for his brain. Instead, he lives in the moment and so whatever your believed offense, it is likely to be forgotten by him long before he ever understands the need for forgiveness.